I’m using this website to document my plan to get the dozens of books I’ve written off my hard drive and into publication.

You can read more about my plan in my initial post.

A few other things about me:

  • I live in quasi-suburban Los Angeles with my wife of nine years and two children. We also have one dog (sad to type that, since it used to be two) and a couch that’s too big for our living room.
  • I grew up in the Cleveland, Ohio, area and went to college at Northwestern University outside Chicago.
  • I moved out to L.A. in 2001 to take a shot at stand-up comedy. That turned into a comedy writing career. I eventually transitioned that into running content and content strategy for tech companies. I now work for a great company called GMass where I’m the VP of Content.
  • I’ve had something of an addiction to side projects throughout my life. I’ve written and produced a play; launched a comedy video website that got pretty popular; launched a blog that got even more popular; created and sold board games; written sitcom scripts and screenplays; produced and starred in a TV pilot that sadly wasn’t picked up; and launched an ’80s and ’90s newsletter. Plus lots and lots of others that never made it to the public stage.
  • I once exercised 2,614 consecutive days.
  • I look like someone who can fix your computer or phone and older people often stop me randomly to ask me to do so. And sometimes I’m actually able to help them.
  • I’ve created original growth, productivity, and personal development systems which I’m looking forward to one day sharing with the world.
  • I tore my right ACL and left Achilles ten years apart. Now I won’t play contact sports again until I’ve completed one year of intensive yoga. I am currently at zero days.

You can follow my drive to publish 100 books on this website and I hope you do. And yell at me if I ever fall off my path.