Keeping the Momentum Going on Vacation

Last week (last Friday, to be exact), I headed out for a family vacation. We were on a boat through Thursday; then the vacation didn’t really end until last night when everyone said goodbyes and headed home.

So that was 10 days where I was out of my routine and not focused on my books. But… I still had to sustain my streak of working at least an hour a day on my “100 books” project.

I did it… but it was tricky at best.

There were two things that got me through:

  • The triggered writing streaks I established at the beginning of the year. I’m in the habit now of writing when I wake up and before I go to sleep; and when I’m noticing periods of time that I’d usually spend swiping on my phone. I continued those throughout the vacation, making a lot of progress as a result. And, more important, doing so without taking any time away from hanging with the family or enjoying the trip.
  • Tackling one big project I’ve needed to do — setting up worksheets for story framework — but I always de-prioritize at home because I have other, more pressing projects. The vacation seemed like a perfect time to get it done, especially during the days when we didn’t have internet.

So I kept moving forward, kept my writing streaks alive, and managed to still squeeze in an hour a day of moving forward on my books.

And now that life is back to normal, it was easy for me to slide back into my routine.

The next book is all ready to publish and I’ll likely be doing so this week. Other projects also chugging forward with lots of momentum.

You can see my daily progress in the work log for February.


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