Setting Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Targets in 2023

With the year beginning I set up my work targets for 2023. I also set up targets for the first quarter of the year and for January.

Each set of targets has a different style.

  • The yearly ones are high level. I shouldn’t be able to finish any of them without sustained work and multiple projects.
  • The quarterly ones are mid level. Many are self-contained projects, but some require a sustained effort over the three months.
  • And the monthly ones are realistic and attainable considering the time frame. Some may take the whole month, others can be done through a shorter burst of focus.

I find this system works well to stay focused while also having some wiggle room on how to get to where I’m going.

My yearly targets are:

  • Publish 24 books in 2023, getting me about a quarter of the way to my 100.
  • Relaunch my old website in order to market the books.

My targets for the first quarter are:

  • Publish my first four books.
  • Establish and maintain my writing streaks (I discussed last week).

And my targets for January 2023 are:

  • Publish my first two books.
  • Establish my new writing streaks.

To see my daily progress, check out the Work Log. To follow along on my journey to 100 books, use the form below to subscribe for updates.


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