The Last Roadblock

The books are 100% done and ready for the world. The covers are locked. The back covers are locked. My first books are ready to put out into the world before my self-imposed end of the month deadline.

But there’s one (largely unplanned) thing standing in my way.

As I was prepping for the launch, I realized I needed a way to:

  • Distribute the books to people
  • While building a mailing list

I’m giving away my first two eBooks for free. But it would be too much of a wasted opportunity not to build up my mailing list in the process up giving out those books. And I want to have my mailing list system in place from the start, especially since I’m going to push downloads hard out of the gate.

So I’ve been scrambling to build out the minimum viable version of a web platform to handle book distribution and email collection. I know how to do all of it; it’s a matter of the time it takes to do it. (And fighting my desire to tweak every pixel of the presentation.)

Will it all be ready by tomorrow so I can beat my end of the month deadline? That’s the plan.

Back to it now.

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