October 2022 Work Log

My October 2022 progress…

  • Mon, 10/17/22 – Launched accountability site… published initial accountability blog post… created about page… publicized this whole thing
  • Tue, 10/18/22 – Made master list of every book draft, outline, screenplay, and idea… made rough plan for release
  • Wed, 10/19/22 Scoped illustrations needed and created job posting… scoped copy editing needed and reached out to copy editor friend… met with accountability group to discuss strategy
  • Thu, 10/20/22 Weekly Retro newsletter done… set up email account and service for notifications for this website (currently in the warmup phase)… initial research into how to start a publishing company
  • Fri, 10/21/22 Research into starting a publishing company… deep research into ISBNs and the mechanics of publishing
  • Sat, 10/22/22 Worked on 80s trivia book
  • Sun, 10/23/22 Worked on 80s trivia book
  • Mon, 10/24/22 – Read book Write Useful Books… posted to this blog… week planning
  • Tue, 10/25/22 Cataloged all 80s facts and organized by category
  • Wed, 10/26/22 Chat with potential copy editor… brainstorm and decision on facts book title, positioning, and value prop
  • Thu, 10/27/22 Weekly Retro newsletter done… significant work on 80s trivia book
  • Fri, 10/28/22 Fact checking… meeting with accountability group to figure out the right approach to my art needs
  • Sat, 10/29/22 Work on 80s trivia book
  • Sun, 10/30/22 Work on 80s trivia book
  • Mon, 10/31/22 – Post to this blog… plan tasks for the week… put up finalized job posting for artist