For My Next Trick, Watch Me Make This Entire Month Disappear

One of the biggest reason I love streaks is because of disappearing time. It’s uncanny how a few days suddenly turns into a few weeks — and more.

That’s what happened to my entire month of April. It started with the kids on spring break. Before that was over, it was Passover with my parents in town. As they were exiting, my brother-in-law came to visit. Before he was gone, I was on my way out of town for a work trip. A few days after getting back, I had surgery to repair my deviated septum. Recovered… and April was now over. In between all of those were the usual kid activities, plus birthday parties, going away parties, doctor appointments, friends in town, and somehow my son seeing the Mario movie three times.

The end result: The entire month of April vanished before I knew what was going on. And May has been on a similar trajectory as well.

Which is why I set up the streaks. While I haven’t been posting my weekly updates on this website — my plan to write these posts on Thursdays turned out to be a terrible idea — I have been dogmatically keeping up with my 100 books project.

In fact, in between all the chaos, I’ve finally finished the drafts of two more books and I’m close to the draft of a third one.

If I hadn’t had the streaks in place, I would’ve just lost a month of progress, guaranteed. There’s no way I would’ve been able to pick up these projects in between all the madness of life. Getting into the headspace to work on them is too difficult without proper momentum.

The streaks are essential. All is on course.

Summer with two children probably won’t be too crazy, right?

To see what I’ve been working on daily, you can check out the Work Log.


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