Piecing Together an Hour a Day

Life is busy. I mean, it’s always busy. But lately, it feels busier than ever. This isn’t surprising nor is it temporary.

But it is a standing challenge for working on my 100 books. Especially since, often, it requires piecing together my hour of work a day.

I don’t like piecing together an hour. In my idealized scenario, I’m sitting down, full mental energy, distraction free, perfect environment, and knocking out a solid and magnificent hour of beautiful, intense effort.

How often does that happen? Maybe once a month. Probably less.

So instead, I’m piecing together an hour a day.

It might look like this:

  • 15 minutes during lunch
  • 15 minutes after I’ve wrapped up at work in the early evening but before starting dinner
  • 15 minutes when I’m sitting in the chair in the kids’ room after they’ve fallen asleep but I can’t risk leaving (or else one might wake up and reset the entire going to sleep process)
  • 15 minutes in bed before I go to sleep

It might look like this:

  • 10 minutes waiting at the dentist’s office
  • 10 minutes (standard disclaimer apology for this) sitting in the bathroom
  • 10 minutes of dictation while walking the dog in the afternoon
  • 30 minutes at my desk after everyone else in the house has gone to sleep at night

Or it will look like some combo of those elements and others — because it always does.

What I remind myself every night is that I’m moving forward. I’m not moving forward at lightning speed, but every day I’m moving forward. I’m still on track to publish at least four more books this quarter.

Even if I’m working on them in the in-between moments.

To see my daily progress, check the Work Log.


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