Q1 2023 Review and Target Setting for Q2

It’s the end of March, which means the end of the first quarter of 2023. So, as always (though never publicly before), I review my targets for the past quarter, evaluate how I did, and set targets and make plans for the upcoming quarter.

Q1 2023 Review

At the beginning of the year, I discussed my monthly, quarterly, and yearly targets for 2023.

To review, my targets for Q1 2023 were:

My assessment.

I published two books during the quarter, not four. There was more involved in publishing the books than I expected. From the editing process to the artwork to prepping the files to setting up my publishing company website and email list… everything took longer than expected. I’m thrilled I published books during Q1, as I was ready… but I didn’t quite hit my aim of four.

I did a good job on most of my writing streaks. I identified six times during the average day when I could squeeze in a little writing, rather than playing around on my phone or listening to junk podcasts. Here were the streaks and how well I kept them.

  • In bed in the morning. I was not able to maintain this streak. I am terrible in the mornings. I wasn’t able to produce anything of value in bed and eventually gave up.
  • In bed at night. I was able to maintain this streak. I did a ton of great writing in bed at night, anywhere from five minutes to more than an hour while I watch TV to wind down.
  • Lunch. I was able to maintain this streak and use it to really work on my upcoming puzzle book.
  • When I’m walking the dog. I was able to maintain this streak, dictating as I walk. I came up with the story for an entire novel and worked out issues with a different novel I’ve written and with my first children’s book.
  • When I’m sitting around waiting, whether at a doctor’s office or any other circumstance. I was not able to maintain this streak. I did a poor job planning it and the times were too erratic.
  • In the bathroom. Sorry again for the nature of this streak, but I was able to maintain it.

Q2 2023 Targets and Changes

Here are my new targets, for Q2 2023:

  • Publish four books.
  • Finish drafts of three other books during my writing streak time.
  • Rework my old website into a better marketing channel for the books.

And here are the adjustments I’m making to my plans:

  • Rather than spreading out my non-book work on multiple days, I’m consolidating it all to Thursdays. Thursdays will now be when I write these accountability updates (formerly on Mondays)… when I create The Retro newsletter (already on Thursdays)… and when I do things like transcribing audio notes and schedule planning (formerly on Sundays). By spreading out this work I wasn’t devoting enough nights to book work.
  • Drop the morning streak and downtime writing streak. Just focus on the other four.

You can see my daily progress by checking the Work Log.


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