Help Me Pick the Logo for My Publishing Company

Some people have asked me if I’m planning to self-publish all 100 of the books for this project or if I am going to try to work with publishers.

And my answer is: Mostly the former… but kind of the latter.

Part of my plan here is to create my own publishing company. I spoke with my accountant last week about what is necessary for that and he recommended I turn my already existing S-corp into my publishing company.

My corporation is called Hanover Webb so that is now the name of my publishing company as well! It works for me. (As a bonus in the poll below you can guess where that name comes from.)

My artist Cleo created four different logos for the publishing company and today… we’re voting.

Please vote on the logo you like best. Picture this logo, mainly, on the spine of a book.

I’ll update next time with results from this, as well as images of upcoming books.

If you’re interested in seeing what I worked on every day this week and in the past, I’ve now moved that to its own page. You can see it here in the Work Log.

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