Vote: Which Novel Should I Work on Second?

I’m still tracking to publish the first of my three novels this month. But I’m undecided about which one to go with next.

My other two novels are both in rough draft form — and both need some serious renovations for their second draft. However, in good news, neither is a total teardown. (I promise, any metaphors in both books are far better than this one.) Both need some plot restructuring and then a general polishing and revision before they’re ready even for beta readers.

So in the spirit of this whole “doin’ it in public” thing, I thought I’d gather some opinions on what people most want to read.

While both novels are in my adult writing genre of choice, which I’d loosely call “nostalgic comedic mysteries,” they go different directions.

Book 1 – Nerds of Fortune

Four nerdy college roommates in the late ’90s stumble into high-stakes heists after a chance meeting with the head of an off-the-books “fixer” agency. But as the heists escalate in risk and danger, the guys wonder if they’re pawns in a much larger game.

Book 2A Winner Is You

A childhood video game champion has an opportunity to finally recapture glory by competing in a 25th anniversary tournament. But when the other competitors start turning up dead, he needs to find the killer before there are any more victims — including himself.

Please weigh in!

What I did this week

  • Monday, Nov 7, 2022 – Post accountability blog… notes to artist candidates and working with them on test project… week planning
  • Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022 – Work on 80s facts book, including crucial fact cataloging and organizing… working with artist candidates
  • Wednesday, Nov 9, 2022 – Lay out 80s book into complete chapters… writing on 80s book… interviews with artist candidates
  • Thursday, Nov 10, 2022 – Retro newsletter… interviews and feedback with artist candidates
  • Friday, Nov 11, 2022 – Writing on 80s facts book… more work with artists
  • Saturday, Nov 12, 2022 – Writing on 80s facts book… more work with artists
  • Sunday, Nov 13, 2022 – Writing on 80s facts book… more work with artists

Review: My 3 big goals for the week were:

  1. Finish process to hire artist ❌ – while I’m at the very end of the artist process (just waiting on one more candidate to submit their test project), I still have not made the hire
  2. Work with copy editor on revisions for first book ✅ – I’ve been getting the slew of Google alerts seeing the copy editing process in real time
  3. Finish three chapters of ’80s trivia book ✅ – Wrote and finished five new chapters this week

3 big goals for this week

  1. Hire artist and get artist going on book cover and design
  2. Talk with accountant about setting up publishing company
  3. Write at least two more chapters of ’80s trivia book

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