Result: The Votes Are Here on What Novel I Should Work on Next

Last week I posted a poll asking which of two novels I should work on next. Both novels are in roughly the same place: First draft done, good bones but some structural problems requiring some serious surgery.

To review, the two books are:

  • Nerds of Fortune – Four nerdy college roommates in the late ’90s stumble into high-stakes heists after a chance meeting with the head of an off-the-books “fixer” agency. But as the heists escalate in risk and danger, the guys wonder if they’re pawns in a much larger game.
  • A Winner Is You – A childhood video game champion has an opportunity to finally recapture glory by competing in a 25th anniversary tournament. But when the other competitors start turning up dead, he needs to find the killer before there are any more victims — including himself.

And the result of the poll is…

Nerds of Fortune – 44%

A Winner Is You – 56%

I’m going to work on revising that novel as I work toward finishing and publishing other books.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll!

What I did this week

  • Monday, Nov 14th, 2022 – Accountability blog… week planning… finishing final trials with artists
  • Tuesday, Nov 15th, 2022 – Hire artist… get initial slate of work for artist… work on ’80s trivia book
  • Wednesday, Nov 16th, 2022 – Set up Notion with several months of project notes for artist… work on ’80s trivia book
  • Thursday, Nov 17th, 2022 – Notes and working with artist on character studies and first cover… Retro newsletter done
  • Friday, Nov 18th, 2022 – Work on ’80s trivia book… notes for artist
  • Saturday, Nov 19th, 2022 – Work on ’80s trivia book
  • Sunday, Nov 20th, 2022 – Work on ’80s trivia book

Review: My 3 big goals for the week were:

  1. Hire artist and get artist going on book cover and design ✅ – Hired great artist and got her rolling on initial work; also set up plans for more work.
  2. Talk with accountant about setting up publishing company ✅ – Talked with accountant and figured out structure for publishing company. Learned I don’t have to wait until January like I thought.
  3. Write at least two more chapters of ’80s trivia book ✅ – Accomplished a ton on the ’80s trivia book, it’s moving along nicely.

3 big goals for the week

  1. Curate 120 pieces of trivia for book, rewriting, organizing, and vetting
  2. Work with artist and copy editor to get first book ready for publication ASAP
  3. Continue streak of one hour per day of work on this project even with the busy Thanksgiving travel season (without detracting from quality family time)

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